about CABCON A/S

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Cabcon is “Cables and Connectors”
We consider ourselves a design in partner, and we differentiate ourselves by creating value. Cabcon A/S is a dynamic company with a visionary and experienced staff. Our primary work is the design and sale of electromechanical, passive and mechanical products and solutions.

We have 3 divisions. Cabcon Cables, Cabcon Contacts and Cabcon Components

We deliver both standard and customer-specific solutions, whether it’s cable solutions or connectors. That said, we also have other product groups within electromechanical and passive components. We represent partners like; Amphenol Anytek, Bellwether, Cabcon Contacts, Chiefcon, Hongfa, JST, Wcon, Yuan Dean and others.

How we work and with whom?

Generally, we are dealing with all customers, no customer is too small or too big.  Workflow can take place at different levels:

The design phase, where we in collaboration with the development department, will determine the appropriate products for specific projects. We will gladly visit you where you are, or you can visit one of our product specialists. In this phase we help with documentation, samples, etc. See for examples of custom cases.

The sales phase, where we collaborate with a possible subcontractor, aiming to achieve a price reduction, to find alternatives, a second source or solve other distribution tasks.

Acute cases where we through our collaboration with suppliers, distributors, etc. try to provide products based on an acute need.

We hope you find what you are looking for here on our website.

Once you have found what you are looking for, we would like to have you to contact us. We might be able to guide you to an even better solution than the one you found. We strive to ensure that you will be able to obtain better performance, prices and delivery. If you don’t find what you seek you are always welcome to contact us by e-mail or better yet by phone.