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To customers and business connections
Hvidovre, March 27th, 2020

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation has developed quickly spreading globally, affecting both Cabcon and our partners.
Despite this challenging situation, all Cabcon sites are all fully operational and we give our customers the best possible customer service in these tough times.

The situation in Asia where most our production takes place becomes better and better – however there may still be some challenges of delivering goods in time and recovering the delivery shortages that have occurred since the outbreak of the virus.
The reason for that is not only fromfactories, but also the fact that all the shipping companies are under big pressure, and they cannot commit 100% to the normal transit times.

But we are working hard on this and communication is of key importance. We try do update you proactively in a timely manner of any potential shortages and possible delays.

We strongly encourage you to place orders as much in advance as possible– in order to minimize the risk of delay.
As this is a fluid situation, we will continue to monitor our position to ensure that we are prepared to respond appropriately and responsibly.

We hope you are all well and take care of each other.
If you have any questions or comments – please contact your daily contact.

Best regards
Brian Dehlsen

18. juni 2019

Riedon expands high-power wirewound portfolio with new
high-performance metal-clad braking resistors

Riedon, a specialist manufacturer of cuttingedge power and precision resistors, today announced an expansion to its extensive line of high-power wirewound resistors, with a new series of rugged metal-clad braking resistors that deliver high levels of performance and a reduction in the need for heatsinking.

The devices target a range of industrial and other commercial applications including motor drives, power conversion systems, HVAC systems and battery charging and monitoring applications.

Encased in aluminum, the new BR series offers power ratings from 60 to 500 watts and is available in three different mechanical constructions. These highly durable and rugged components provide exceptional heat transfer and short-circuit performance. They are also significantly less sensitive to heatsink requirements than a comparable TO-packaged device of a similar power rating, many of which may require a cold plate to operate at the same rated power.

The BR series’ high level of performance is largely due to the use of ceramic cores rather than fiberglass: ceramic delivers benefits over fiberglass in efficiency by dealing with heat more effectively with overload and current surge events. Although ceramic is traditionally a more expensive solution, the new series is highly competitive, thereby delivering an excellent performance/price option for industrial power designers and engineers.

Available in flat (BR) or tall (BRT) series versions, other features include: a resistance range from 0.1Ω to 1kΩ; tolerances of 1%, 5% and 10%, making the series suitable for a range of applications; a withstand voltage of 2500V AC; good long-term stability with a TCR of less than ±260ppm maximum; quickconnect terminations; and an operating temperature range from –55 to +200°C.
In addition, the BRS series is now available, which is an ultra-slim 12mm-high profile variant that offers power ratings from 100 to 500 watts and a resistance range from 1Ω to 5kΩ.

“This series of competitively-priced metal-clad braking resistors delivers a new and serious option for power designers working in the industrial arena”, said Phil Ebbert, Riedon’s VP of Engineering. “Integrating ceramic cores in the BR series means that new designs and systems can deal quickly and easily with heat or surge issues without the need for additional heatsinking. In addition, these devices can be customized to suit a particular application.”

Maj 6, 2019

Så er Cabcon A/S
klar på EOT 2019

Besøg os på stand M9728.

Messen er gratis, det er forplejning også, vi glæder os til at se gamle som nye ansigter.

Februar 14, 2019

Yamaichi Electronics and TE Connectivity to produce and promote new M12 push-pull connectors.

Yamaichi Electronics (Yamaichi) is teaming up with TE Connectivity (TE) to produce and promote a new design of push-pull M12 circular metric connector with an inner locking design for various industrial applications. The two companies are cooperating to campaign for the design to be included in a new IEC standard for M12 connectors with push-pull locking.

“Yamaichi produces high-performance interconnection solutions for use in the most demanding applications of electronic systems,” says Monika Kuklok, director of product management Industrial Communication and Power at TE Connectivity. “It has created some interesting and efficient technology for M12 push-pull connectors, and we want to help it establish the standard in the market.”

Technical cooperation between the two companies will lead to the introduction of different versions of the connectors in the coming months. Overmolded connectors with A, B, D-coding are already available, and the portfolio will be enlarged with field assembly types and further codings soon. This will quickly put Yamaichi and TE and in a position to support the market with a broad product portfolio that will enable customers to introduce the new technology into their devices.

The market for M12 connectors with a push-pull interface is currently fragmented, owing to suppliers offering mutually incompatible designs. Yamaichi and TE will work together to establish Yamaichi’s design with inner locking as the accepted standard as defined by the IEC. Yamaichi submitted its original proposal for the standard last year. An important advantage of the Yamaichi design is that it is compatible with standard M12 connectors. Additionally, its push-pull locking mechanism allows fast and secure locking and unlocking – by only requiring the same outer space compared to standard screw type versions. Another feature is the possibility to integrate the connector into the device, junction box etc.

“The market needs a standard around M12 push-pull connectors so that it can be confident of using proven technology and so time-to-market of new products incorporating the inner push-pull technology can be cut back,” says Christoph Prem, Sales & Marketing Director at Yamaichi Electronics. “The inner locking design merits being incorporated into an IEC standard.” Contact Cabcon A/S for further information.

Januar 22, 2019

Martin Dahlgren has been employed as sales manager in Sweden from the 1st January this year.

Cabcon A/S has opened an office in Gothenburg. Martin Dahlgren has been employed as sales manager in Sweden from the 1st January this year.

Cabcon A/S focuses on the design and sale of electromechanical, passive and mechanical
products and solutions.

Previously, the company has managed its sales in Sweden from Denmark. To get closer to its
Swedish customers, Cabcon A/S has chosen to open an office in Gothenburg from January 2019.
Where Martin Dahlgren – trained in electronics – has now been hired as sales manager. In his
role he will guide and be a sales support for existing and new customers to the company.
We welcome Martin Dahlgren to Cabcon A/S.

December 14, 2018

New Series Y-Con® RJ45 Jack-7x with Magnetics, Light Pipes and Tab-up

A new reflow-capable RJ45 jack is available in the industrial Y-Con® RJ45 series. The socket for 100 Mbit/s basically consists of a base body with 90° orientation of the connector to the solder pins, along with the “Tab-up” tab orientation. The individual types vary in features to ensure that the right product can be selected to meet customer needs.

The jack optionally has machine-wound transformers, additional integrated power contacts and reflow-capable light pipes. For the power contacts and reflow-capable light pipes, Yamaichi Electronics relies on a mature design that provides customers the greatest possible flexibility in the transmission of power up to 100 W as well as in the transmission of optical signals.

With the two additional power contacts, up to 2.1 A can be transmitted at 70°C without affecting signal transmission. This is significantly more than provided by PoE. It also saves another cable.

When using light pipes, on the other hand, optical signals can be transmitted from the PCB on the front of the jack just as with an optical fibre. In contrast with the LEDs, however, light pipes have a nearly unlimited lifetime and a cost advantage. The use of light pipes in reflow soldering is also not limited by the high solder temperature, and there is still complete freedom in the selection of light colour.

The integrated machine-wound transformers ensure optimum, consistently good signal transmission, for example if there is no space on the PCB for magnetics when using Ethernet. In contrast with hand-wound transformers, in which performance can depend on the capability of the maker, machine-wound transforms ensure consistent transmission quality. They are also insensitive to vibrations, since the coil bodies are always cast. The series can therefore meet the strictest of requirements in the industrial sector.

Product features:
100 Mbit/s / CAT5 · 90° Tab-up · THT-reflow (260°C for 10 sec.) · Optional power contacts
Power transmission through power contacts: 2.1A @ 70° · Optional light pipes · Optional magnetics
Contact area: 30μ” Au · 1,500 mating cycles · Compatible with any RJ45 plugs